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Ford Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1411Secondary Air is not being diverted
P1413Secondary Air Injection System Monitor circuit Low Voltage
P1414Secondary Air Injection System Monitor circuit High Voltage
P1442Secondary Air Injection System Monitor circuit High Voltage
P1443Evaporative Emission Control System - Vacuum System - Purge Control Solenoid or Purge Control Valve fault
P1444Purge Flow Sensor circuit Input Low
P1445Purge Flow Sensor circuit Input High
P1450Inability of Evaporative Emission Control System to Bleed Fuel Tank
P1451EVAP Control System Canister Vent Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1452Inability of Evaporative Emission Control System to Bleed Fuel Tank
P1455Substantial Leak or Blockage in Evaporative Emission Control System
P1460Wide Open Throttle Air Conditioning Cutoff circuit malfunction
P1461Air Conditioning Pressure Sensor circuit Low Input
P1462Air Conditioning Pressure Sensor circuit high Input
P1463Air Conditioning Pressure Sensor Insufficient Pressure change
P1464ACCS to PCM High During Self-Test
P1469Low Air Conditioning Cycling Period
P1473Fan Secondary High with Fans Off
P1474Low Fan Control Primary circuit
P1479High Fan Control Primary circuit
P1480Fan Secondary Low with Low Fans On
P1481Fan Secondary Low with High Fans On
P1483Power to Cooling Fan Exceeded Normal Draw
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