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Reset Service Engine Light


Maybe you have already read guides explaining how you can deactivate the check engine light or perhaps service engine soon light prior to doing the emissions test to be able to break free of the smog inspection. By switching off the check engine or service engine soon light, and deleting all of emissions computer data from your car, the smog device will never know your vehicle has or has had pollutants problems.

This particular technique is USELESS. We are going to explain the reset or "turn light off" technique so that you could be familiar with the OBDII emissions analyzing procedure as well as precisely know how the check engine light or service engine soon light relate to the pollutants test.

Carry on method at your own risk!

  • Phase 1. Identify the vehicle's battery pack. Detach the 12v positive wire (reddish cable) from terminal (+). Let it stay disconnected for five minutes. While the battery is detached, cycle the ignition switch to ON three times.

    You've just erased crucial emissions affiliated information that is invaluable to a smog specialist trying to fix your car. Additionally you erased vital "readiness flag" computer data which requires days to weeks, to compile.

  • Phase 2. Make sure ignition switch is OFF. Reconnect the battery pack 12v positive cable to battery terminal (+).

    You're definitely risking electronic element damage. High voltage flash generated while the reconnection of the positive 12v wire may cause trouble for sensitive digital emissions components.

  • Phase 3. Cycle ignition switch to ON point and just wait 60 seconds, after which start the car. Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon Light has to be reset and switched OFF.

    For those successful in switching off the check engine light, this signifies that your automobile has not kept it's pollutions information in the ROM portion of it's computer and you have simply erased all computer data related to the vehicle's motor and pollutions systems, possibly including the radio & system configurations.