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Service Engine Soon


I'm sure it has occurred to everyone at one point, you are driving along the road, and this yellowish light "Service Engine Soon" occurs. So what exactly should you do when this occurs?
The Service Engine Soon Light is actually an on board alert light which is mounted on the vehicles computer. Whenever the computer system identifies a disconnected component in the engine, it lights up the Service Engine Soon Light to make certain you are aware of the problem. Usually people instantly head out and pay $100 or more to get their car fixed and get the Service Engine Soon deactivated, simply to discover it was a fairly snap service work. So before you drop a ton of cash on repairs, there are a few things you will prefer to check.

Did it happen while you obtained fuel?

If you have just a little while ago fueled the tank, and forgot to properly anchor the fuel tap, this may cause a leak in the vacuum and switch the light on. The very simple fix for this would be to just twist the fuel tap correctly. Give it a day and if this was indeed the cause, the Service Engine Soon Light should turn off by itself.

Was Your Fuel System Cleaned?

The Service Engine Soon Light might get turned on because of an accumulation of elements in your gas and exhaust system. This is why a smart thing to do is to have your fuel system serviced every 30 000 miles.

If your Service Engine Soon Light has lit up, remember to stay calm and get help from a professional. If you happen to have decent knowledge in cars and repairing them, you might want to get OBD2 code reader that will allow you to check for specific diagnostic trouble codes in your vehicle. Also remember that even if your Service Engine Soon is off, it doesn't necessarily mean that the problem has been fixed. You should always have the vehicle scanned for codes after a repair to make sure everything is fine with it.