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Acura Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1498Voltage Problem In EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit
P1508Idle Air Control Valve Circuit Failure
P1519IAC Valve Circuit Failure
P1607ECM/PCM Internal Circuit Failure
P1656Automatic Transaxle
P1660A/T FI Data Line Failure
P1676FPTDR Signal Line Failure
P1678FPTDR Signal Line Failure
P1681A/T FI Signal A Low Input
P1682A/T FI Signal A High Input
P1686A/T FI Signal B Low Input
P1687A/T FI Signal B High Input
P1705Automatic Transaxle
P1706Automatic Transaxle
P1709Automatic Transaxle
P1710Automatic Transaxle
P1713Automatic Transaxle
P1738Automatic Transaxle
P1739Automatic Transaxle
P1740Automatic Transaxle
P1753Automatic Transaxle
P1758Automatic Transaxle
P1768Automatic Transaxle