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Audi Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1413EGR Different.Pressure Sensor Signal too High
P1414Sec.Air Inj.Sys.,Bank2 Leak Detected
P1417Fuel Level Sensor Circ Signal too Low
P1418Fuel Level Sensor Circ Signal too High
P1420Sec.Air Inj.Valve Circ Electrical Malfunction
P1421Sec.Air Inj.Valve Circ Short to Ground
P1422Sec.Air Inj.Sys.Contr.Valve Circ Short to B+
P1423Sec.Air Inj.Sys.,Bank1 Flow too Low
P1424Sec.Air Inj.Sys.,Bank1 Leak Detected
P1425Tank Vent.Valve Short to Ground
P1426Tank Vent.Valve Open
P1432Sec.Air Inj.Valve Open
P1433Sec.Air Inj.Sys.Pump Relay Circ. open
P1434Sec.Air Inj.Sys.Pump Relay Circ. Short to B+
P1435Sec.Air Inj.Sys.Pump Relay Circ. Short to ground
P1436Sec.Air Inj.Sys.Pump Relay Circ. Electrical Malfunction
P1439EGR Potentiometer Error in Basic Seting
P1440EGR Valve Power Stage Open
P1441EGR Valve Circ Open/Short to Ground
P1442EGR Valve Position Sensor Signal too high
P1443EGR Valve Position Sensor Signal too low
P1444EGR Valve Position Sensor range/performance
P1445Catalyst Temp.Sensor 2 Circ. Range/Performance