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Audi Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1622Engine coolant temperature signal range/performance
P1623Data Bus Powertrain No Communication
P1624MIL Request Sign.active
P1625Data-Bus Powertrain Unplausible Message from Transm.Contr.
P1626Data-Bus Powertrain Missing Message from Transm.Contr.
P1627Data-Bus Powertrain missing message from fuel injection pump
P1628Data-Bus Powertrain missing message from steering sensor
P1629Data-Bus Powertrain missing message from distance control
P1630Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor 1 Signal too Low
P1631Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor 1 Signal too High
P1632Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor 1 Power Supply Malfunction
P1633Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor 2 Signal too Low
P1634Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor 2 Signal too High
P1635Data Bus Powertrain missing message f.air condition control
P1636Data Bus Powertrain missing message from Airbag control
P1637Data Bus Powertrain missing message f.central electr.control
P1638Data Bus Powertrain missing message from clutch control
P1639Accelera.Pedal Pos.Sensor 1+2 Range/Performance
P1640Internal Contr.Module (EEPROM) Error
P1641Please check DTC Memory of Air Condition ECU
P1642Please check DTC Memory of Airbag ECU
P1643Please check DTC Memory of central electric ECU
P1644Please check DTC Memory of clutch ECU