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Audi Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1692Malfunction Indication Light Short to Ground
P1693Malfunction Indication Light Short to B+
P1694Malfunction Indication Light Open/Short to Ground
P1704Kick Down Switch Malfunction
P1705Gear/Ratio Monitoring Adaptation limit reached
P1711Wheel Speed Signal 1 Range/Performance
P1716Wheel Speed Signal 2 Range/Performance
P1721Wheel Speed Signal 3 Range/Performance
P1723Starter Interlock Circ. Open
P1724Starter Interlock Circ. Short to Ground
P1726Wheel Speed Signal 4 Range/Performance
P1728Different Wheel Speed Signals Range/Performance
P1729Starter Interlock Circ. Short to B+
P1733Tiptronic Switch Down Circ. Short to Ground
P1739Tiptronic Switch up Circ. Short to Ground
P1740Clutch temperature control
P1741Clutch pressure adaptation at limit
P1742Clutch torque adaptation at limit
P1743Clutch slip control signal too high
P1744Tiptronic Switch Recognition Circ. Short to Ground
P1745Transm.Contr.Unit Relay Short to B+
P1746Transm.Contr.Unit Relay Malfunction
P1747Transm.Contr.Unit Relay Open/Short to Ground