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Audi Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1748Transm.Contr.Unit Self-Check
P1749Transm.Contr.Unit Incorrect Coded
P1750Power Supply Voltage Low Voltage
P1751Power Supply Voltage High Voltage
P1752Power Supply Malfunction
P1760Shift Lock Malfunction
P1761Shift Lock Short to Ground
P1762Shift Lock Short to B+
P1763Shift Lock Open
P1764Transmission temperature control
P1765Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 2 adaptation at limit
P1766Throttle Angle Signal Stuck Off
P1767Throttle Angle Signal Stuck On
P1768Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 2 Too High
P1769Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 2 Too Low
P1770Load Signal Range/Performance
P1771Load Signal Stuck Off
P1772Load Signal Stuck On
P1773Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 1 Too High
P1774Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 1 Too Low
P1775Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 1 adaptation at limit
P1776Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 1 range/performance
P1777Hydraulic Pressure Sensor 2 range/performance