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Audi Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1258Engine Coolant System Valve Short to B+
P1259Engine Coolant System Valve Short to Ground
P1280Fuel Inj.Air Contr.Valve Circ. Flow too Low
P1283Fuel Inj.Air Contr.Valve Circ. Electrical Malfunction
P1284Fuel Inj.Air Contr.Valve Circ. Open
P1285Fuel Inj.Air Contr.Valve Circ. Short to Ground
P1286Fuel Inj.Air Contr.Valve Circ. Short to B+
P1287Turbocharger bypass valve open
P1288Turbocharger bypass valve short to B+
P1289Turbocharger bypass valve short to ground
P1296Cooling system malfunction
P1297Connection turbocharger - throttle valve pressure hose
P1300Misfire detected Reason: Fuel level too low
P1319Knock Sensor 1 Circ. Short to Ground
P1320Knock Sensor 2 Circ. Short to Ground
P1321Knock Sensor 3 Circ. Low Input
P1322Knock Sensor 3 Circ. High Input
P1323Knock Sensor 4 Circ. Low Input
P1324Knock Sensor 4 Circ. High Input
P1325Cyl.1-Knock Contr. Limit Attained
P1326Cyl.2-Knock Contr. Limit Attained
P1327Cyl.3-Knock Contr. Limit Attained
P1328Cyl.4-Knock Contr. Limit Attained