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Chevrolet Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1567 Cruise Control System-Active Braking Control Active
P1568 Cruise Servo Stroke Greater Than Commanded In Cruise
P1569 Cruise Servo Stroke High While Not In Cruise
P1570 Cruise Control System-Traction Control Active
P1571 TCS PWM Circuit No Frequency
P1572 ASR Active Circuit Low Too Long
P1573 PCM/EBTCM Serial Data Circuit
P1574 Stoplamp Switch Circuit
P1575 Extended Travel Brake Switch Circuit
P1576 BBV Sensor Circuit High Voltage
P1577 BBV Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
P1578 BBV Sensor Circuit Low Vacuum
P1579 P/N To D/R At High Throttle Angle
P1580 Cruise Move Circuit Low Voltage
P1581 Cruise Move Circuit High Voltage
P1582 Cruise Direction Circuit Low Voltage
P1583 Cruise Direction Circuit High Volume
P1584 Cruise Control Disabled
P1585 Cruise Inhibit Control Circuit
P1586 Cruise Control Brake Switch 2 Circuit
P1587 Cruise Control Clutch Control Circuit Low
P1588 Cruise Control Clutch Control Circuit High
P1599 Engine Stall Or Near Stall Detected