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Chrysler Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1297No Change in MAP From Start To Run
P1298Lean Operation At wide Open Throttle
P1299Vacuum Leak Found (IAC Fully Seated)
P1388Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay Control Circuit
P1389No Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay Output Voltage At PCM
P1390Timing Belt Skipped One Tooth or More
P1391Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP
P1398Mis-Fire Adapter Numerator at Limit
P1399Wait To Start Lamp Circuit
P1403No 5 Volts To EGR Sensor
P1475Aux. 5 Volt Output Too High
P1476Too Little Secondary Air
P1477Too Much Secondary Air
P1478Battery Temp Sensor Volts Out of Limit
P1479Transmission Fan Relay Circuit
P1480PCV Solenoid Valve
P1482Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit Shorted Low
P1483Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit Shorted High
P1484Catalytic Converter Overheat Detected
P1485Air Injection Solenoid Circuit
P1486Evap Leak Monitor Pinched Hose
P1487Hi Speed Rad Fan CTRL Relay Circuit
P1488Auxiliary 5 Volt Supply Output Too Low