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GMC Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1537 A/C Request Circuit Low Voltage
P1538 A/C request Circuit High Voltage
P1539 Air Conditioning (A/C) Clutch Feedback Circuit High Voltage
P1540 A/C System High Pressure
P1541 A/C High Side Over Temperature
P1542 A/C System High Pressure High Temperature
P1543 A/C System Performance
P1544 A/C Refrigerant Condition Very Low
P1545 A/C Clutch Relay Control Circuit
P1546 Air Conditioning (A/C) Clutch Feedback Circuit Low Voltage
P1547 A/C System Performance Degraded
P1548 A/C Recirculation Circuit
P1554 Cruise Engaged Circuit High Voltage
P1555 Electronic Variable Orifice Output
P1558 Cruise Control Servo Indicates Low
P1559 Cruise Control Power Mangement Mode
P1560 Cruise Control System-Transaxle Not In Drive
P1561 Cruise Vent Solenoid
P1562 Cruise Vacuum Solenoid
P1563 Cruise Vehicle Speed/Set Speed Difference Too High
P1564 Cruise Control System - Vehicle Accel Too High
P1565 Cruise Servo Position Sensor
P1566 Cruise Control System-Engine RPM Too High