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Jaguar Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1350 Fuel Level Sensor B Intermittent/Bypass Line Monitor
P1351 IDM Input Circuit Malfunction/ Ignition Coil Control Circuit High Voltage
P1352 Ignition Coil A Primary Circuit Malfunction
P1353 Ignition Coil B Primary Circuit Malfunction
P1354 Ignition Coil C Primary Circuit Malfunction
P1355 Ignition Coil D Primary Circuit Malfunction
P1360 Ignition Coil A Secondary Circuit Malfunction
P1361 Ignition Control (IC) Circuit Low Voltage
P1362 Ignition Coil C Secondary Circuit Malfunction
P1363 Ignition Coil D Secondary Circuit Malfunction
P1364 Ignition Coil Primary Circuit Failure
P1365 Ignition Coil Secondary Circuit Failure
P1366 Ignition Spare
P1367 Ignition Spare
P1368 Ignition Spare
P1369 Engine Temperature Light Monitor Failure
P1370 Insufficient RMP Increase During Spark Test
P1371 Ignition Coil - Cylinder 1 - Early Activation Fault
P1372 Ignition Coil - Cylinder 2 - Early Activation Fault
P1373 Ignition Coil - Cylinder 3 - Early Activation Fault
P1374 Crankshaft Position (CKP)/Ignition Coil - Cylinder 4 - Early Activation Fault
P1375 Ignition Coil - Cylinder 5 - Early Activation Fault
P1376 Ignition Coil - Cylinder 6 - Early Activation Fault