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Jaguar Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1403 DPFE Sensor Hoses Reversed
P1404 IAT - B Circuit Malfunction/ Exhaust Gas Recirculation Closed Position Performance
P1405 DPFE Sensor Upstream Hose Off Or Plugged
P1406 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Position Sensor Performance
P1407 EGR No Flow Detected
P1408 EGR Flow Out Of Self Test Range
P1409 EVR Control Circuit Malfunction
P1411 SAI System Incorrect Downstream Flow Detected
P1413 SAI System Monitor Circuit Low Input
P1414 SAI System Monitor Circuit High Input
P1415 Air Pump Circuit Malfunction/ (AIR) System Bank 1
P1416 Port Air Circuit Malfunction/ (AIR) System Bank 2
P1417 Port Air Relief Circuit Malfunction
P1418 Split Air #1 Circuit Malfunction
P1419 Split Air #2 Circuit Malfunction
P1420 Catalyst Temperature Sensor Failure
P1421 Catalyst Damage
P1422 EGI Temperature Sensor Failure
P1423 EGI Functionality Test Failed
P1424 EGI Glow Plug Primary Failure
P1425 EGI Glow Plug Secondary Failure
P1426 EGI Mini - MAF Failed Out Of Range
P1427 EGI Mini - MAF Failed Short Circuit