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Jaguar Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1452 Unable To Bleed - Up Vacuum in Tank
P1453 Fuel Tank Pressure Relief Valve Malfunction
P1454 Evaporative System Vacuum Test Malfunction
P1455 Evap Emission Control Sys Leak Detected (Gross Leak/No Flow)
P1456 Fuel Tank Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P1457 Unable To Pull Vacuum In Tank
P1460 Wide open throttle A/C cutoff relay circuit
P1461 A/C pressure sensor circuit voltage low
P1462 A/C pressure sensor circuit voltage high
P1463 A/C Pressure Sensor Insufficient Pressure Change
P1464 A/C Demand Out of Self Test Range
P1465 A/C Relay Circuit Malfunction
P1466 A/C Refrigerant Temperature Sensor/Circuit Malfunction
P1467 A/C Compressor Temperature Sensor Malfunction
P1468 SSPOD Open Circuit or Closed Circuit Fault
P1469 Low A/C Cycling Period
P1470 A/C Cycling Period Too Short
P1471 Electrodrive Fan 1 Operational Failure (Driver Side)
P1472 Electrodrive Fan 2 Operational Failure (Passenger Side)
P1473 Fan Secondary High With Fan(s) Off
P1474 Low Fan Control Primary Circuit Malfunction
P1475 Fan Relay (Low) Circuit Malfunction
P1476 Fan Relay (High) Circuit Malfunction