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Jaguar Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1576 Pedal Position Not Available
P1577 Pedal Position Sensor Disagreement btwn Sensors
P1578 ETC Power Less Than Demand
P1579 ETC In Power Limiting Mode
P1580 Electronic Throttle Monitor PCM Override
P1581 Electronic Throttle Monitor Malfunction
P1582 Electronic Throttle Monitor Data Available
P1583 Electronic Throttle Monitor Cruise Disable
P1584 TCU Detected IPE Circuit Malfunction
P1585 Throttle Control Unit Malfunction
P1586 Throttle Control Unit Throttle Position Malfunction
P1587 Throttle Control Unit Modulated Command Malfunction
P1588 Throttle Control Unit Detected Loss of Return Spring
P1589 TCU Unable To Control Desired Throttle Angle
P1600 Loss of KAM Power; Open Circuit
P1601 ECM/TCM Serial Communication Error
P1602 Immobilizer/ECM Communication Error
P1603 EEPROM Malfunction
P1604 Code Word Unregestered
P1605 Keep Alive Memory Test Failure
P1606 ECM Control Relay O/P Circuit Malfunction
P1607 MIL O/P Circuit Malfunction
P1608 Internal ECM Malfunction