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Jaguar Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1182 Fuel Shut Off Solenoid Malfunction
P1183 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit Malfunction
P1184 Engine Oil Temperature Out Of Self Test Range
P1185 FTS High - Fuel Pump Temperature Sensor High
P1186 FTS Low - Fuel Pump Temperature Sensor Low
P1187 Variant Selection
P1188 Calibration Memory Fault
P1189 Pump Speed Signal Fault
P1190 Calibration Resistor Out Of Range
P1191 Key Line Voltage
P1192 Voltage External
P1193 EGR Drive Overcurrent
P1194 ECU A/D Converter
P1195 SCP HBCC Failed To Initialize
P1196 Key Off Voltage High
P1197 Key Off Voltage Low
P1198 Pump Rotor Control Underfueling
P1199 Fuel Level Input Circuit Low
P1200 Injector Control Circuit
P1201 Injector Circuit Open / Shorted - Cylinder #1
P1202 Injector Circuit Open / Shorted - Cylinder #2
P1203 Injector Circuit Open / Shorted - Cylinder #3
P1204 Injector Circuit Open / Shorted - Cylinder #4