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Jaguar Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1205 Injector Circuit Open / Shorted - Cylinder #5
P1206 Injector Circuit Open / Shorted - Cylinder #6
P1209 Injector Control Pressure System Fault
P1210 Injector Control Pressure Above Expected Level
P1211 Injector Control Pressure Sensor Above / Below Desired
P1212 Injector Control Pressure Not Detected During Crank
P1213 Start Injector Circuit Malfunction
P1214 Pedal Position Sensor B Circuit Intermittent
P1215 Pedal Position Sensor C Circuit Low Input
P1216 Pedal Position Sensor C Circuit High Input
P1217 Pedal Position Sensor C Circuit Intermittent
P1218 CID High
P1219 CID Low
P1220 Series Throttle Control System Malfunction
P1221 Traction Control System Malfunction
P1222 Traction Control Output Circuit Malfunction
P1223 Pedal Demand Sensor B Circuit High Input
P1224 Throttle Position Sensor B Out Of Self Test Range
P1225 Needle Lift Sensor Malfunction
P1226 Control Sleeve Sensor Malfunction
P1227 Wastegate Failed Closed (Over Pressure)
P1228 Wastegate Failed Open (Under Pressure)
P1229 Intercooler Pump Driver Fault