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Land Rover Engine Codes

When an OBD-II fault occurs in Land Rover's Generic Engine Management System (GEMS), the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is illuminated. GEMS Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC ) are stored in the Engine Control Module (ECM ) and may be retrieved by connecting a suitable OBD II Scan Tool or the Land Rover TestBook Electronic Tester to the Data Link Connector (DLC ). DTC's can only be Extracted, Diagnosed and Cleared by the TestBook Diagnostic Unit, a required special tool , or an appropriate after market equivalent.

All information regarding DTC's for this model is contained within the Land Rover TestBook Diagnostic Unit. The manufacturer does not provide any other information on pulling codes, descriptions, diagnosis, clear codes, etc.

*Codes* are used to identify the 4 Oxygen Sensors.

Example: A D = Oxygen Sensor Engine Bank A, Downstream of Catalytic Converter.

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P0453Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor High Out of Range Fault
P0461Fuel Tank Level Measurement Not Valid Fault
P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal Error Fault
P0506Idle Speed Control Engine Speed Low Fault
P0507Idle Speed Control Engine Speed High Fault
P0560Battery Voltage Below Minimum Fault
P0562Measurement Circuit OK Battery Voltage Low Fault
P0563Battery Voltage Above Maximum Fault
P0605ECM Self Test Fault
P1130Oxygen Sensor Fuel Trim at Limit *Codes* A U
P1131Oxygen Sensor Engine Lean *Codes* A U
P1132Oxygen Sensor Engine Rich *Codes* A U
P1137Oxygen Sensor Engine Lean *Codes* A D
P1138Oxygen Sensor Engine Rich *Codes* A D
P1150Oxygen Sensor Fuel Trim at Limit *Codes* B U
P1151Oxygen Sensor Engine Lean *Codes* B U
P1152Oxygen Sensor Engine Rich *Codes* B U
P1157Oxygen Sensor Engine Lean *Codes* B D
P1158Oxygen Sensor Engine Rich *Codes* B D
P1171Oxygen Sensor System Too Lean Fault Banks A & B
P1172Oxygen Sensor System Too Rich Fault Banks A & B
P1176Maximum Positive FMFR Correction Fault
P1177Maximum Negative FMFR Correction Fault