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Lincoln Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1747Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid - Short circuit
P1749Electronic Pressure Control Solenoid Failed Low
P1751Shift Solenoid No. 1 Performance
P1754Coast Clutch Solenoid circuit malfunction
P1756Shift Solenoid No. 2 Performance
P1760Transmission system problems
P1761Shift Solenoid No. 3 Performance
P1762Transmission system problems
P1767Transmission system problems
P1780Transmission Control Switch circuit is out of Self-Test Range
P17814x4 Low Switch is out of Self-Test Range
P1783Transmission Over-Temperature Condition
P1784Transmission system problems
P1785Transmission system problems
P1786Transmission system problems
P1787Transmission system problems
P1788Transmission system problems
P1789Transmission system problems
P1900Transmission system problems