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Mazda Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1444EVAP Purge Flow Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
P1446EVAP Purge Flow Sensor Circuit High Voltage
P1449CDCV or Throttle PositionCV Circuit
P1450EVAP Control System Fault
P1451Canister Vent Solenoid Circuit
P1455Fuel Tank Level Sensor Circuit
P1460Wide Open Throttle A/C Cut-Off Relay Circuit
P1464Air Conditioning Control Signal Circuit
P1474Fan Control (Primary Winding) Circuit
P1479Fan Control (Condenser Primary) Circuit
P1485EGR Vacuum Solenoid Circuit
P1486EGR Vent Solenoid Circuit
P1487EGR-CHK (Boost) Solenoid Circuit
P1496EGR Valve Motor Coil '1' Open or Shorted
P1497EGR Valve Motor Coil '2' Open or Shorted
P1498EGR Valve Motor Coil '3 Open or Shorted
P1499EGR Valve Motor Coil '4' Open or Shorted
P1500Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittent Signal
P1501Vehicle Speed Sensor Out of Self Test Range
P1502Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Error
P1504Idle Air Control Solenoid Circuit Intermittent
P1505Idle Air Control System at Adaptive Clip
P1506Idle Air Control System Overspeed Detected