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Mazda Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1507Idle Air Control System Underspeed Detected
P1508Bypass Air Solenoid '1' Circuit
P1509Bypass Air Solenoid '2 Circuit
P1512VTCS Fault
P1521VRIS Solenoid '1' Circuit
P1522VRIS Solenoid '2 Circuit
P1523VICS Solenoid Circuit
P1524Charge Air Cooler Bypass Solenoid Circuit
P1525ABV Vacuum Solenoid Circuit
P1526ABV Vent Solenoid Circuit
P1529L/C Atmospheric Balance Air Control Valve Circuit
P1540ABV System Fault
P1562Powertrain Control Module +BB Voltage Low
P1569VTCS Circuit Low Input
P1570VTCS Circuit High Input
P1601Powertrain Control Module Communication Line to TCM Error
P1602Powertrain Control Module Communication Line to TCM Error
P1602Immobilizer System Communication Error with Powertrain Control Module
P1603Immobilizer System Fault
P1604Immobilizer System Fault
P1605Powertrain Control Module Keep Alive Memory Test Error
P1608Powertrain Control Module (ECM CPU) DTC Test Fault
P1609Powertrain Control Module (ECM CPU) Knock Sensor Circuit