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Oldsmobile Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1165 HO2S Cross Counts Bank 2 Sensor 2
P1170 Bank To Bank Fuel Trim Offset
P1171 Fuel System Lean During Acceleration
P1185 Engine Oil Temperature Circuit
P1186 EOT Circuit Performance
P1187 EOT Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
P1188 EOT Sensor Circuit High Voltage
P1189 Engine Oil Pressure Switch Circuit
P1190 Engine Vacuum Leak
P1191 Intake Air Duct Air Leak
P1200 Injector Control Circuit
P1201 (Alternative Fuel) Gas Mass Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P1202 (AlternativeFuel) Gas Mass Sensor Circuit Low Frequency
P1203 (Alternative Fuel) Gas Mass Sensor Circuit High Frequency
P1211 Mass Air Flow Circuit Intermittent High
P1212 Mass Air Flow Circuit Intermittent Low
P1214 Injection Pump Timing Offset
P1215 Ground Fault Detection Indicated
P1216 Fuel Solenoid Response Time Too Short
P1217 Fuel Solenoid Response Time Too Long
P1218 Injection Pump Calibration Circuit
P1219 Throttle Position Sensor Refernce Voltage
P1220 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 2 Circuit