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Pontiac Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1675 EVAP Vent Solenoid Control Circuit
P1676 Driver 4 Line 6
P1677 Driver 4 Line 7
P1680 Driver 5
P1681 Driver 5 Line 1
P1682 Driver 5 Line 2
P1683 Driver 5 Line 3
P1684 Driver 5 Line 4
P1685 Driver 5 Line 5
P1686 Driver 5 Line 6
P1687 Driver 5 Line 7
P1689 Delivered Torque Circuit Fault
P1690 ECM Loop Overrun
P1691 Coolant Gage Circuit Low Voltage
P1692 Coolant Gage Circuit High Voltage
P1693 Tachometer Circuit Low Voltage
P1694 Tachometer Circuit High Voltag
P1695 Remote Keyless Entry Circuit Low
P1696 Remote Keyless Entry Voltage High
P1700 Transmission MIL Request
P1701 Transmission MIL Request Circuit
P1705 P/N Signal Output Circuit
P1740 Transmission Torque Reduction Request Circuit