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Saturn Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1600 PCM Battery
P1601 Serial Communication Problem With Devise 1
P1602 Loss Of EBTCM Serial Data
P1603 Loss Of SDM Serial Data
P1604 Loss Of IPC Serial Data
P1605 Loss OF HVAX Serial Data
P1606 Serial Communication Problem With Device 6
P1607 Serial Communication Problem With Devise 7
P1608 Serial Communication Problem With Device 8
P1609 Loss Of TCS Serial Data
P1610 Loss Of PZM Serial Data
P1611 Loss Of CVRTD Serial Data
P1612 Loss OF IPM Serial Data
P1613 Loss Of DIM Serial Data
P1614 Loss Of RIM Serial Data
P1615 Loss Of VTD Serial Data
P1617 Engine Oil Level Switch Circuit
P1619 Engine Oil Life Monitor Reset Circuit
P1620 Low Coolant Circuit
P1621 PCM Memory Performance
P1622 Cylinder Select
P1623 Transmission Temp Pull-Up Resistor
P1624 Customer Snapshot Data Available