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Saturn Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1625 PCM System Reset
P1626 Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Signal Lost
P1627 A/D Performance
P1628 ECT Pull-Up Resistor
P1629 Theft Deterrent System-Cranking Signal
P1630 Theft Deterrent Learn Mode Active
P1631 Theft Deterrent Start Enable Signal Not Correct
P1632 Theft Deterrent System-Fuel Disabled
P1633 Ignition Supply Power Circuit Low Voltage
P1634 Ignition 1 Power Circuit Low Voltage
P1635 5 Volt Reference 1 Circuit
P1636 PCM Stack Overrun
P1637 Generator L-Terminal Circuit
P1638 Generator F-Terminal Circuit
P1639 5 Volt Reference 2 Circuit
P1640 Driver 1-Input High Voltage
P1641 FC Relay 1 Control Circuit
P1642 FC Relay 2 And 3 Control Circuit
P1643 Engine Speed Output Circuit
P1644 TP Output Circuit
P1645 EVAP Solenoid Output Circuit
P1646 Driver 1 Line 6
P1647 Driver 1 Line 7