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Scion Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1410EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction.
P1411EGR Valve Position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.
P1500Starter Signal Circuit.
P1510Boost Pressure Control Circuit.
P1511Boost Pressure Low.
P1512Boost Pressure High.
P1520Stop Lamp Switch Signal Malfunction.
P1565Cruise Control Main Switch Circuit.
P1600ECM BATT Malfunction
P1605Knock Control CPU.
P1630Traction Control System.
P1652Idle Air Control Valve Control Circuit.
P1656OCV Circuit.
P1658Wastegate Valve Control Circuit.
P1661EGR Circuit.
P1662EGR by-pass Valve Control Circuit.
P1780Park/Neutral Position Switch Malfunction (Only For A/T)