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Subaru Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
11Ignition pulse
12Starter switch off
13Starter switch on
14Airflow meter or circuit
15Atmospheric pressure switch - fixed value
16Crank angle sensor or circuit
17Starter switch or circuit
21Seized airflow meter flap
22Pressure or vacuum switches - fixed value
23Idle switch - fixed value
24Wide open throttle switch - fixed value
25Throttle sensor idle switch or circuit
31Speed sensor or circuit
32Oxygen sensor or circuit
33Coolant sensor or circuit
34Abnormal aspirated air thermosensor
35Air flow meter/EGR solenoid switch or circuit
41Atmospheric pressure sensor or circuit
42Fuel injector - fixed value
43KDLH control system
46Neutral or parking switch or circuit
47Fuel injector
53Fuel pump or circuit
55KDLH control system
57Canister control system
58Air control system
62EGR control system
88TBI control unit