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Subaru Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
37Oxygen sensor (no. 2, left side , SVX)
38Engine torque control (SVX)
41Air/fuel adaptive control
42Idle switch or circuit
43Throttle switch (Justy)
44Wastegate duty solenoid (turbo)
45Pressure duty solenoid (turbo)/atmospheric pressure sensor circuit (non-turbo)
49Airflow sensor
51Neutral switch (manual transmission)/inhibitor switch (automatic transmission)
52Parking brake switch (exc. Justy)/Clutch switch (Justy)
55EGR temperature sensor
56EGR system
61Parking brake switch (Loyale)/Fuel tank pressure control solenoid valve (Impreza)
62Fuel temperature sensor (Impreza)/Electric load signal (Justy)
63Fuel tank pressure sensor (Impreza)/Blower fan switch (Justy)
65Vacuum pressure sensor