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Subaru Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1086Tumble generator valve #2 (LH) position sensor circuit low input
P1087Tumble generator valve #2 (LH) position sensor circuit high input
P1088Tumble generator valve #1 (RH) position sensor circuit low input
P1089Tumble generator valve #1 (RH) position sensor circuit high input
P1090Tumble generator valve #1 (RH) malfunction (stuck open)
P1091Tumble generator valve #1 (RH) malfunction (stuck close)
P1092Tumble generator valve #2 (LH) malfunction (stuck open)
P1093Tumble generator valve #2 (LH) malfunction (stuck close)
P1094Tumble generator valve circuit #1 (open circuit)
P1095Tumble generator valve circuit #1 (over current)
P1096Tumble generator valve circuit #2 (open circuit)
P1097Tumble generator valve circuit #2 (over current)
P1100Starter Switch Circuit Malfunction
P1101Neutral Position Switch Circuit High Input (A/T)
P1101Neutral Position Switch Circuit Malfunction (M/T)
P1102Pressure Sources Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction
P1103Pressure Sources Switching Solenoid Valve Circuit
P1104Engine Torque Control Signal Circuit Malfunction
P1106Engine Torque Control Signal 2 Circuit Malfunction
P1110Atmospheric pressure sensor low input
P1111Atmospheric pressure sensor high input
P1112Atmospheric pressure sensor range/performance problem
P1115Engine Torque Control Cut Signal Circuit High Input