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Subaru Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1116Engine Torque Control Cut Signal Circuit Low Input
P1120Starter Switch High Input
P1121Neutral Position Switch Circuit High Input [MT Vehicles]
P1121Neutral Position Switch Circuit Low Input [AT Vehicles]
P1122Pressure Sources Switching Valve Circuit High Input
P1124TCS Signal Circuit High Input
P1130Front oxygen sensor circuit malfunction (open circuit)
P1131Front oxygen sensor circuit malfunction (short circuit)
P1134Front oxygen (A/F) sensor microcomputer problem
P1137Front oxygen (A/F) sensor circuit range/performance problem
P1139Front oxygen (A/F) sensor #1 heater circuit performance/range problem
P1141Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit High Input
P1142Mass Air Flow Sensor Circuit Low Input
P1143Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
P1144Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
P1146Pressure sensor circuit range/performance problem (high input)
P1150Front Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit High Input
P1151Rear Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit High Input
P1230Fuel pump control unit malfunction
P1244Wastegate control solenoid valve malfunction (low input)
P1245Wastegate control solenoid valve malfunction (fail-safe)
P1301Fire due to increased exhaust temperature
P1312Exhaust temperature sensor malfunction