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Subaru Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1518Starter switch circuit low input
P1520Radiator Fan Relay 1 Circuit High Input
P1540Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction 2
P1544High exhaust temperature detected
P1560Back-Up Voltage Circuit Malfunction
P1590Neutral position switch circuit high input
P1591Neutral position switch circuit low input
P1592Neutral position switch circuit (MT model)
P1594Automatic transmission diagnosis input signal circuit malfunction
P1595Automatic transmission diagnosis input signal circuit low input
P1596Automatic transmission diagnosis input signal circuit high input
P1698Engine torque control cut signal circuit low input
P1699Engine torque control cut signal circuit high input
P1700Throttle Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction (A/T)
P1701Cruise Control Set Signal Circuit Malfunction (A/T)
P1702Auto Trans Diagnosis Input Signal Circuit
P1703Low clutch timing control solenoid valve circuit malfunction
P17042-4 Brake Timing Solenoid Valve Circuit Malfunction
P17052-4 Brake Pressure Solenoid Valve (Solenoid D) Circuit
P1711Engine torque control signal 1 circuit malfunction
P1712Engine torque control signal 2 circuit malfunction
P1722Auto Trans Diagnosis Input Signal High Input
P1742Auto Trans Diagnosis Input Signal Malfunction