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Volkswagen Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1478EVAP Control System LDP Clamped Tube Detected
P1500Fuel Pump Relay Electrical Circuit Malfunction
P1501Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Short To Ground
P1502Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Short To Positive
P1505Closed Throttle Position Does Not Close/Open Circuit
P1506Closed Throttle Position Switch Does Not Open./Short To Ground
P1512Intake Manifold Changeover Valve Circuit Short To Positive
P1515Intake Manifold Changeover Valve Circuit Short To Ground
P1516Intake Manifold Changeover Valve Circuit Open
P1519Intake Camshaft Control Bank 1 Malfunction
P1522Intake Camshaft Control Bank 2 Malfunction
P1537Fuel Cut-off Valve Incorrect Function
P1538Fuel Cut-off Valve Open/Short To Ground
P1539Clutch Pedal Switch Signal Fault
P1540VSS Signal Too High
P1541Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Open
P1542Throttle Actuation Potentiometer Range/Performance
P1543Throttle Actuation Potentiometer Signal Too Low
P1544Throttle Actuation Potentiometer Signal Too High
P1545Throttle Position Control Malfunction
P1546Wastegate Bypass Regulator Valve Short To Positive
P1547Wastegate Bypass Regulator Valve Short To Ground
P1548Wastegate Bypass Regulator Valve Open