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Volkswagen Engine Codes

Engine Code Engine Code Description
P1549Wastegate Bypass Regulator Valve Open/Short To Ground
P1550Charge Pressure Control Difference
P1555Charge Pressure Upper Limit Exceeded
P1556Charge Pressure Negative Deviation
P1557Charge Pressure Positive Deviation
P1558Throttle Actuator Electrical Malfunction
P1559Idle Speed Control Throttle Position Adaption Malfunction
P1560Maximum Engine Speed Exceeded
P1561Quantity Adjuster Control Difference
P1562Quantity Adjuster Upper Stop Value
P1563Quantity Adjuster Lower Stop Value
P1564Idle Speed Control Throttle Position Low Voltage During Adaption
P1565Idle Speed Control Throttle Position Lower Limit Not Obtained
P1568Idle Speed Control Throttle Position Mechanical Malfunction
P1569Switch For CCS Signal Faulty
P1580Throttle Actuator B1 Malfunction
P1582Idle Adaptation At Limit
P1600Power Supply Terminal No. 15 Low Voltage
P1602Power Supply Terminal No. 30 Low Voltage
P1603Internal Control Module Self Check
P1606Rough Road Spec. Engine Torque ABS-ECU Electrical Malfunction
P1611MIL Call-Up Circuit/TCM Short To Ground
P1612Engine Control Module Incorrect Coding